Monday, January 11, 2016

Praise Report Share

I wanted to share this everywhere I can. Don't give up!!GOD is always there with you even when times are low! My event today so I had to share.

Awesome praise report!!! I found a Walmart gift card in my wallet. I have had this gift card for a very long time. The time is tough and tight right now. Off to Walmart I go shopping for the monthly groceries. I struggle at every item and I am weighing the options whether to buy or not. Get to check out and end up giving the cashier a coupon which he said was expired! The he said he will give it to me anyway. The I give him the gift card, and he swipes it and hands the card and the receipt back to me and says thank you. "What wait, I don't owe anything?" He said, " no mam, there was plenty on the card"!!!! GASP!! I thanked GOD all the way to the car and shed a couple of tears to. Blessings in disguise!!

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