Tuesday, May 26, 2015

21 Day Fix Madness

Ever seen the 21 Day Fix ads and infomercials? Well, my tv is consumed with it. I have been researching this new concept of how to eat correctly for a couple of weeks. I am not a promoter of this or am I being paid for mentioning it. I am like many others who want to shed a few pounds so I have been making lots of notes on how to complete this journey. My plan is to start JUNE 1-21. With this said and medium high hopes I am hoping for the best. We all know we need to cut back some on eating right. Portion control is the whole concept. I have been obtaining several ideas and plans from other 21 Day Fixers to help me along. Trust me there is plenty of helps out there. The one that really opened up my eyes on what's important is Heather Reichert. She has a wonderful concept of how we should think about ourselves. Here is another one Beach Ready Now she has several templates for downloads as well as great ideas to read. I have been saving a lot of great ideas here on my Pinterest page also. Taking care of my body as long as possible means a lot to me. I was to spend as much time with my family as God will allow me to do so. Start your journey on the 21 Day Fix plan.

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